The ever-changing sea, whether calm and

lapping its siren song to swimmers or

storm-pounding the beach in a booming

display of spray and ozone,  is endlessly

fascinating and inspirational. All year round a

walk on the beach – which can weekly change

from smooth sand to grumbling pebbles

depending on what the sea decides –

is a tonic for the mind, body and soul.

There are seaside and countryside

walks for all seasons and all levels

of keenness, fabulous old castles,

hill forts, churches and historic

buildings to explore. On warm

and sunny days there are BBQʼs,

picnics and swimming to be had

on the beach below.

Chesil Beach is also a renowned

fishing location with bass, cod

and mackerel caught from lines

cast from the shingle. Sea fishing

and scuba diving are hugely

popular in the area, with charter

boats running regular trips all

year round from West Bay and

Lyme Regis.

The striking beguiling sea-

viewed links of Bridport Golf Club

are a mile away and there are

other local links and land-locked

courses for the addicted


The nearest town is Bridport,

whose markets every Wednesday

and Saturday sell everything

from farmer’s produce to

antiques and plants. Visit West Bay

just down the road for fishing

trips, Weymouth for faded

regency façades and donkey rides

with candy floss, and Abbotsbury

for the famous swannery and

sub-tropical gardens.

If that all seems like too much effort, you

can always relax and take in the view on

our terrace or Sitting Spiritually swing.

Guests wanting to sample local

restaurants should look to Mark

Hixʼs ʻOyster & Fish Houseʼ, ‘The

Riverside’ at West Bay, ‘Brassica’ in

Beaminster or the nearby Hive

Café on Hive Beach.